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Operating since 1987, EquiMed Corporation is one of the nation’s longest operating remote cardiac monitoring centers. Just a stone's throw from many of the industry’s implantable device companies, EquiMed is based in Plymouth, Minnesota, where it operates as a certified independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF). We are licensed by Medicare and CMS and undergo rigorous training and certification requirements on a yearly basis. Our licensed clinical staff utilizes a manufacturer agnostic software solution that allows the import and management of implantable devices from all vendors. This software solution securely interacts with each device vendor’s web portal and allows us to provide a complete, turnkey solution for any hospital or cardiology clinic. This review and reporting solution is completely customizable and can be up and running in a matter of days with no cost to the facility. We currently provide remote cardiac monitoring services for the following devices and manufacturers:

Why Choose Us

We Specialize in Implantable Device Monitoring

  • EquiMed provides a customized review and reporting solution for any of your remote pacemaker patients. This includes scheduling, patient assistance and review and reporting of any scheduled or unscheduled transmissions including alert management. Our staff works all day and night to make sure that you receive all of your patient reports quickly and efficiently. We will triage each patient and provide you a summary of any actionable items.LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PACEMAKER SERVICES
  • Cardiac Monitoring Solutions for Remote Pacemaker Patients
  • It is imperative that patients with ICDs are actively monitored. Our staff will make sure that your patients are scheduled and transmit ON TIME. We make sure that any device abnormalities or new arrhythmias are identified quickly so that you can begin your treatment plan. In addition to reviewing incoming data, our staff works with your clinic, your device representatives and your patients to make sure that those patients who have been lost to follow up are reconnected. Let us track down those difficult patients for you. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ICD SERVICES
  • One of EquiMed’s largest service offering is the active management of heart failure devices from all manufacturers. We review heart failure data each and every day to assure that significant changes in thoracic impedance or other key metrics are summarized and reported on quickly based on your physician’s needs. We have a variety of customized graphs, charts and reports that we can provide to make sure that your heart failure patients stay out of the hospital.LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR HEART FAILURE MANAGEMENT
  • Cardiac Monitoring Solutions for Remote Pacemaker Patients
  • More and more implantable loop recorders are being implanted every day. With these diagnostic implants, the amount of data that they are remotely transmitting is skyrocketing. With EquiMed’s active ILR service, we will review each and every transmission that comes in from your patient. Our customized triage service will streamline your reporting and billing processes to make sure that you can quickly and easily review those patients that need the most help. Our overnight staff reviews thousands of transmissions every night and delivers the highlights to your staff each morning. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of your patient triggers. We can help! LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR IMPLANTABLE LOOP RECORDER SERVICES

Why Choose EquiMed?

Experienced remote monitoring you can trust


Equimed has been monitoring cardiac patients for over 33 years


Equimed is a Medicare licensed IDTF


100% of Equimed’s staff and cardiac monitoring takes place in the United States


Equimed’s clinical staff is available 24/7/365 for all patient needs

“EquiMed is the most responsive device service we have ever seen. They improved our patient compliance by over 60%. We will be a client for life!”

Nurse Julianna T.

“Huge thanks to Jenny! She was so patient with me when I couldn’t make my device work. My pacemaker is working so well now and I feel great.”

Francis A.

“I was surprised at the amount of time EquiMed spent explaining to me how to use my monitor and helping me understand how to transmit. They were so patient!”

Barbara A.

“We are so grateful for the staff at EquiMed. They saved my mother’s life.”

Jennifer L.

“EquiMed is the best group of pacemaker technicians we have ever worked with.”

Dr. Jane L.

Delivering results when it matters most.

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