Common Questions and Answers

Can I use a portable (cordless) or cell phone?
We strongly recommend the use of a regular, corded phone whenever possible. Portable (cordless) phones frequently disconnect themselves after being set down for a minute and depending on how well they are charged or their quality, the transmissions can be very garbled. Cell phones should always be avoided. The design of digital cell phones combined with variations in signal strength make their use very unreliable. (Please don’t ever call while you are driving.) If you have call waiting and you know how to temporarily turn it off during the call, please do so.

What can I do when I accidentally press the record button?
If you hear the monitor’s tone when you didn’t intend to press the button, simply unplug the wire before the tone stops and that event will not be recorded, but will not affect previous recordings.

What do the flashing numbers on the display mean?
If numbers such as 85, 121 etc. show while you are wearing the monitor, they represent your heart rate. However, they can be very misleading and we have asked the clinics to turn this option off.

I want to record at times when I don’t want any one to hear the tone, what can I do?
Simply put your finger over the tiny hole in the middle of the telephone symbol above the record button and the tone will be muffled enough so that people will not be able to hear it.

How can I check to make sure the monitor is working?
While the electrodes are on and the wire is attached to you and the monitor, simply hold in the SEND button for a few seconds and listen to the tone. It should be a steady tone with a frequent “blip”. If it is warbly or scratchy, check all the connections including the electrodes and make sure the wire is firmly pressed into the monitor.

What do I do if I accidentally push the send button?
If the lead wire is plugged in, just release the send button. If the wire is unplugged, simply press the send button again before it stops, which will cause the noise to stop. You can now plug it back in or send the information again without losing the recordings.

What about batteries?
Your clinic should have provided you with enough batteries to last the entire time you have the monitor. They generally have to be replaced once per week. Always use alkaline AAA batteries. You can change the batteries without losing any events which have been recorded since there is a backup battery in the monitor which keeps the electronics running at all times.

The electrodes are irritating my skin. What can I do?
First, do not take the electrodes off until they start to come up at the edges or your skin is breaking out. Removing them while they are still firmly attached will tear your skin. Generally, they will last 3-6 days. Second, if you happen to be one of those individuals who is very sensitive to the electrodes, you can get electrodes pediatric electrodes from your clinic. They will only last 1-2 days and they come loose easily, but they have less adhesive and less electrode material and will be easier on your skin.