Returning Monitors

Your doctor has ordered 30 day/24 hour cardiac event monitoring to evaluate your current symptoms. There are a few facts you should be aware of regarding this procedure.

First, the monitor is due back 30 days after you receive it. We will send you a letter seven to ten days prior to the end of your enrollment period reminding you to return it to your clinic or hospital. You should be sure to return it to the same location in the clinic or hospital where you received it. Just dropping it off does not necessarily get it back to the correct location. You are responsible for it until you get a signed receipt from the clinic where you received the monitor or we get a call from where you received it saying it has been returned. Late charges ($70 per week) will apply if you return it after the due date. These charges will be billed directly to you and will not be covered by insurance.

Second, you are responsible for the monitor while it is in your possession. Any damage which occurs while it is in your possession will be charged to you. Monitors cost approximately $500 each. Monitors not returned will be billed to you at their full replacement cost.