24 Hour Holter Monitors

Holter monitors have been around for many years, but utilizing the latest technology in monitors, software and the internet makes the results more accurate and makes them available to you more quickly.

EquiMed uses the Chroma monitor and HolterCare software from ScottCare.

The Chroma is compact and easy to use, both for the clinic and patients. Programming is made simple using the Chroma Configurator and USB cable (provided), taking less than a minute. When the patient returns the monitor to your clinic after the 24 hour monitoring period, the same USB cable is used to upload the data to EquiMed’s server which uses the ScottCare EZ Link program (also provided). Interpretations are completed within 24 hours and made available through the ScottCare Cardiofile program for viewing and downloading.

Other advantages of the Chroma include a large color display to warn patients when there is a bad lead connection and a digital diary to record their symptoms and mark the events (no need to keep a paper diary). Options for wearing the monitor include a belt clip and neck lanyard.

Both physician notification options and reports can be customized to meet your needs.

If you ever need a rapid review of a monitor a patient has just returned due to the nature of their symptoms, just let us know. We can provide a rapid verbal review in minutes and a report, generally
in less than 1 hour.

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