Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry (MCT) is the latest in cardiac monitoring technology. EquiMed uses the TeleSentry from ScottCare. These monitors are auto trigger, wireless monitors, like the 30 day monitors, but with significantly enhanced capabilities.

MCT monitors in general record all of the patient’s heart rhythm during the monitoring period, which can be up to 30 days. These rhythms must be retrievable for review, but not all monitors make the data available all the time. Trend data is also a requirement for these monitors.

However, the TeleSentry performs these functions better than other MCT monitors. Any data time during the monitoring period can be recalled at any time by the service provider for review. In addition, trend data is available minute by minute. Last, a feature no other monitor offers is the “live streaming”. At any time, the service provider or the clinic can view the patients rhythm “live”, just as if the patient was in the same room.

These monitors are particularly useful in patients for whom a traditional monitor has not recorded the necessary data and can be particularly useful in the evaluation of patients suspected of having paroxysmal a-fib. In these patients, a-fib burden can be also determined.