Pacemaker and ICD Monitoring

EquiMed Corporation can provide both transtelephonic monitoring (TTM) and remote monitoring for your clinic and your patients.

Remote Follow up
The latest technology in pacemaker and ICD follow up uses wireless technology and the internet to provide a more efficient follow up process with significantly more information available than previously possible. These devices work in a similar fashion to the newest wireless 30 day event monitors.

EquiMed can provide this service for you. EquiMed utilizes the ScottCare OneView CRM software and the patient data available through the major manufacturers web sites (St. Jude Medical, Medtronic CareLink, Boston Scientific Latitude and Biotronik) to provide concise reports on your patient’s device operation and status.

Many patients still have devices which require transtelephonic (TTM) monitoring. EquiMed is one of a select few companies that has been recommended to provide this service in the void created by a major company leaving this important follow up service unexpectedly.

Although this technology is well known and does not provide as much information as remote followup, it is indispensible in the proper follow up and care of your patients.

Custom physician notification and some customization of reports is provided with this service.
Reports are made available over the internet thourhg our server using ScottCare’s Cardiofile.