30 Day Wireless, Auto triggered Event Monitors

30 Day cardiac event monitors have been around since the 1980s, but there have really only been two major advances since then. First was the incorporation of limited auto trigger capability in the late 1990s. Then, in the very recent past, wireless technology and the internet allowed the newest generation of monitors to be made available.

EquiMed only provides the latest technology in monitors to its’ customers and patients. Currently, this is the 920W from Braemar. It is a programmable auto trigger device with the following trigger capabilities

  • A-fib
  • Asystole
  • Bradycardia
  • Tachycardia

In addition, this is a wireless monitor. When an event is recorded, the monitor contacts the nearest cell tower and transmits the event digitally over the cell phone network and then to EquiMed over the internet. The event is then reviewed by EquiMed’s staff. The events are transmitted one at a time as soon as they are recorded. The advantages of the 920W are numerous.

  • Since transmission is not dependent on the patient, they are received much more quickly which can easily lead to an earlier diagnosis
  • The monitor never fills up, so patients won’t miss that “critical” event because their monitor was full
  • Land lines are no longer required, a big advantage now that many patients have given them up in favor of cell phones. For users of older non wireless technology, not having a land line is a problem because the older monitors won’t transmit over a cell phone.
  • Transmissions are all digital, making them much cleaner
  • The latest auto triggers “catch” more events. And the a-fib trigger doesn’t catch just a-fib, but many irregular rhythms containing frequent ectopic beats
  • Training is much easier because there is less for the patient to do, a big advantage for patients of all ages. Because training is simpler, you’ll also see a reduction in the amount of staff time required to train your patients

Because the number of events is so much greater than with older technology monitors, EquiMed summarizes the events and sends representative sample strips in the reports, much like a Holter monitor. By doing this, we can make the reports much more concise, focusing on the significant events and make the review process easier for you and your staff.

Custom physician notification and some customization of reports is provided with this service.