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EquiMed Cardiac Monitoring Solutions

EquiMed Corporation is a full service provider of cardiac monitoring. As a result, we can provide all your cardiac monitoring needs in a convenient one stop package.

These services include

  • 24 hour Holter monitoring using the ScottCare Chroma
  • Wireless, auto trigger 30 day event monitors using the Braemar 920W. Wireless monitors are the latest technology and EquiMed offers these monitors exclusively. Advantages include
    • Dramatically increased ease of use for all patients, especially the elderly, foreign language speaking patients and patients without land lines
    • Increased diagnostic yield through better patient compliance and the capture of more events via wireless transmissions
  • MCT (Mobile Cardiovascular Telemetry) using the TeleSentry from ScottCare. This is also a wireless, auto trigger monitor and is the only MCT monitor with true, live streaming and the ability to recall any strip at any time.
  • Pacemaker and ICD Follow Up, both TTM (pacemaker) and remote.
  • 24/7 TTM follow up for the SJM Confirm® ICM. We are the exclusive provider of this service nationwide

Reports are available either through our website at www.equimecorp.com or through our server. An option also exists for a direct EMR/HL7 interface.